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Focused on creating secure and intuitive web systems.

Matthew Smith Burlage

Software Engineer

Matthew is a software engineer focused on creating secure, powerful, efficient, and intuitive web systems.


Hello World, I'm Matthew.

Improving people's lives with technology
The ultimate purpose for technology and software is to improve the lives of the user. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who has said the phrase “it’s great when it works” when an app has seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. My philosophy with software is that it should just work. You shouldn’t need to attend a training to use a piece of software. Instead, it should be intuitive enough to be used with limited instruction and should be self-documenting when a more complicated interface is needed.
Using Technology in My Past Jobs
I have always used technology to make processes easier, even when my job had nothing to do with software development. As the 19-year-old stage manager at the magic department for a children's performance arts sleep-away camp, I developed an Access database to handle the organization of 100+ children across six magic shows to make sure that visitors could watch their kids saw their friends and half or whatever other crazy routine they had come up with. When I worked as a manager and bartender for a couple of NYC restaurants and bars, I was always the go-to for POS integration, website maintenance, and all other technology needs. I have a passion for automation and process simplification and am always evaluating if there are better ways to do things.
Eliminating Duplicate Work
When I was a PC Technician, I would always be on the lookout for ways to reduce duplicate work. If I had to do the same task more than a few times, I would always evaluate if there was a way to script or otherwise automate it, and often there was. A piece of software that we had to install on each computer required running seven different MSI file as well as some registry edits and other configuration steps. I was able to script that down to five clicks of the mouse.
Eliminating Bad Processes
My first task as Software Developer in my current role was to improve the process of IT Access form submission, which had a terrible compliance rate with the then-current method of emailing a PDF. I created a system to handle this process as well as automate many of the user creation steps required by our Active Directory environment. In addition, we found that the entire process of on-boarding new employees required entering the same information seven different times. I was able to expand the system to handle this which now only requires a single point of data entry for HR.
Eliminating Waste
Before my work as a software developer, the HR department for my current organization used emailing PDFs around for their approval workflow. In addition, each user would typically print the PDF for their own records, creating possibly 7 different paper copies of the same document, leading to wasted time, money, and environmental harm for no good reason. The system I build them now acts as the source of truth requiring no printing whatsoever to archive the records in perpetuity.
Additional Info about other jobs

My Work

Agenda Management
React, Django, PostgreSQL, IIS
The Agenda Management software helps local governments stay on top of their meetings, including approval workflows and minutes capture.
Five Star Ordering
React, Django, PostgreSQL, PythonAnywhere
The Five Star ordering system allows restaurants to receive delivery and pickup orders and handles payments thru Stripe. Additional restaurants and locations can be quickly added.
This open source python module enables users to easily create a Django and React based application, including JWT based authentication.
Position Control
Bootstrap, Django, SQL Server, IIS
Allows Human Resources to keep track of budgeted positions and employee records easily and allows Finance departments to easily forcast labor budgets.
Bootstrap, Django, SQLite, IIS
SmartBackup helps Database administrators keep backups automated and dependable while keeping file sizes low.
IT Access Control
Bootstrap, Django, SQL Server, IIS
Allows departments to submit access requests to IT resources and automatically creates and sets up Active Directory accounts for new users.
React, Django, MySQL, PythonAnywhere
NertzBoard is a scoreboard keeping app for a multiplayer solitaire card game called Nertz. With live score updates, scoring history, and multiple game rooms, players can keep their head in the game.
Financial Documents App
Bootstrap, Django, SQL Server, IIS
Helps the Finance department manage travel reimbursment as well as recurring billing items, and reminds the user in question when they are up for renewal.
Administrative Policy
Bootstrap, Django, SQL Server, IIS
Allows administration to create, approve, and display policies for the organization including expiration notifications and version control.

My Development Principles

So Now What?

Reach out to me!
If you think that I can help your project or organization, feel free to reach out!
Work Experience
Senior Software Developer, Hall County Government 2019 - Current
  • Started new Enterprise Application Development division from the ground up.
  • Manages development of internal and external systems to manage day to day business needs.
  • Management systems include Agenda, Personnel, Fleet, Finance, Policies, and IT Access.
  • Manages and guides non-senior developers towards business and career goals.
  • Manages implementation of entire development lifecycle, including design and prototyping.
  • Manages support process for all internally developed software applications.
  • Oversees project timelines, deadlines, goals, and sprints for scrum development.
  • Makes foundational decisions on tools, design paradigms, methodology, and stack.
  • Implements thorough and robust error, tracking, and development lifecycle tools.
  • Maintains thorough documentation for users, admins, and future developers through comments.
  • Installs, configures, and manages CI/CD for development, staging, and production servers.
Systems Technician, Hall County Government 2018
  • Co-managed enterprise Active Directory environment with 1300 end units plus other hardware.
Remote and In Store Repair Technician and Leader, Geek Squad 2014 - 2017
  • Assisted clients remotely with repairs, including malware and Windows and macOS issues.
  • Acted as Sales Floor Leader. Regularly handles delicate issues throughout store.

Projects & Experience
Agenda Management   React, Django, PostgreSQL, IIS
The Agenda Management software is designed to assist governments of all sizes in the preparation, approval, creation, publishing, recording, and archiving of official Board meetings. The system allows for an organization to allow different departments to enter their desired agenda items, which then flow through a completely customizable workflow for needed approvals. The system allows for the production of PDFs for each agenda item, the agenda list, the minutes, any supporting documents, and conversion of any attachments to PDF. Those PDFs and agendas are also uploaded to a public site to comply with any publication requirements that may exist.
Forms Portal   React, Django, PostgreSQL, IIS
The Forms Portal is a form creation platform on which IT can create and host various digital dynamic forms for completion by end users. This includes a dynamic workflow system where the data entered can alter the workflow based on the needs of the business. This allows the Application Development team to spin up a new form-based application in a matter of hours as opposed to weeks writing a brand-new app. It also means all apps look and work the same and can be more easily administered.
Position Control   Django, React, Microsoft SQL, IIS
The Position Control system is designed to handle the tracking and paperwork for all employee records. It handles all paperwork including new hires, job changes, termination, and more. It also handles the creation and budgeting of new positions. It allows approval on both the department and administration level. It also handles automatic creation of Active Directory user accounts and uses Active Directory for user authentication. The Finance department can use the system to calculate labor costs for individual departments or the whole county, and projects future budgets.
Contact Information
  •   React.js, Redux, React Router
  •   Python, Django, DRF, Flask
  •   Angular, Webpack, NPM
  •   PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL
  •   IIS, Docker, wfastcgi
  •   Git, GitHub, Jira, Sentry
  •   PHP, Java, JSON
  •   BS, Computer Science, Univ. of North Georgia
  •   TA, Software Engineering, 2020

Open Source Projects

Here are a few open source things I have built.


A python package designed to help users set up a Django and React based app, including the REST framework, JWT based login, and CORS header handling. PyPi - GitHub


SmartBackup is an open source PostgresSQL backup manager and automation tool, allowing recurring backups and dynamic consolidation. GitHub


NertzBoard is a scoreboard for a multiplayer solitaire game called Nertz. NertzBoard handles the calculations for scoring and updates the other players in real time to see who is ahead. View - GitHub